RDÉE Canada is a national not-for-profit organization working for the vitality and economic development of minority Francophone communities and is present in all of the provinces and territories through provincial and territorial RDÉE member organizations, which together form the national Network.

This national Network contributes to the development of economically strong and vibrant Francophone and Acadian communities, helping them to meet challenges and take full advantage of potential business opportunities.

Recognized for its expertise, this extensive Network draws its strength from the fact that its stakeholders are members of the community. These business people from a variety of sectors work to secure the conditions for building a robust and sustainable economy.

Our news

(Français) Secteur porteur de la Saskatchewan

(Français) Bien que le pétrole et l’agriculture soient deux secteurs porteurs de l’économie saskatchewannaise, le secteur le plus porteur de l’économie francophone est l’éducation des enfants.

(Français) Secteurs porteurs de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard

(Français) À l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, tous les secteurs sont interconnectés : coopératif, associatif et tourisme.

(Français) Secteurs porteurs du Nunavut

(Français) L’activité économique du Nunavut s’articule autour de plusieurs pôles, mais le plus important est l’administration publique.

(Français) L’immigration économique aux Territoires du Nord-Ouest

(Français) Aux Territoires du Nord-Ouest (TNO), la recherche de main-d’œuvre qualifiée est un enjeu important pour les entreprises.

Our issues

  • Canadian Economic Francophonie
    Each year, an average of some 20,000 entrepreneurs were directly involved in one of the activities undertaken or coordinated by our member organizations. The number of participants increased annually by 8.5% from 2009 to 2012.
  • Economic Immigration
    RDÉE Canada and its members add value to existing efforts while drawing on their respective competencies: 943 employers attended information and engagement sessions on the newcomer employment program process from 2007 to 2012, and 27,780 potential candidates took part in the recruitment activities.
  • Tourism
    Breathtaking landscapes from coast to coast, whatever the season; legendary figures who shaped our history; traditional cuisine and local products that are sure to tantalize your tastebuds… Enjoy an authentic Francophone experience in twelve Canadian provinces and territories!
  • Green Economy
    RDÉE Canada applies five sustainability principles: social equity and solidarity, economic efficiency, environmental protection, la participation and engagement, and responsible production and consumption.


Six reasons for choosing a member organization in your region.

Why choose RDÉE Canada's members?


RDÉE organizations drive economic development in Francophone and Acadian communities.


Working together on behalf of Francophone and Acadian communities, they form an action network that connects businesses and professionals.


Our experienced members can provide strong and effective support to French-speaking business people and skilled workers.


Our members contribute to the economic growth of Francophone and Acadian communities.


They encourage collective action in Francophone and Acadian communities.


They promote good practice sharing, knowledge transfer, strategic partnerships, and cultural diversity.

Our statictics

who participate in the member organizations’ activities each year

created directly or indirectly


from the community, the private sector, and the different levels of government

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